MeetUp: Back-end for Front-end: tRPC & GraphQL

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Are you tired of the limitations and complexities of RESTful APIs? Join us for an exciting MeetUp where we will explore two popular alternatives to REST: GraphQL and tRPC.


GraphQL has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its ability to provide a flexible and efficient way to query and manipulate data. With GraphQL, you can request exactly the data you need, reducing over-fetching and under-fetching issues commonly encountered in RESTful APIs. We will dive into the core concepts of GraphQL, including schema definition, queries, mutations, and subscriptions. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting GraphQL in your projects.


tRPC, on the other hand, is a relatively new alternative that aims to simplify API development by providing a type-safe and efficient way to define and consume APIs. It leverages TypeScript's static type checking to ensure that your API contracts are always in sync with your front-end code. We will explore the key features of tRPC, such as automatic type generation, server-side validation, and error handling. We will also discuss how tRPC compares to GraphQL and when it might be a better fit for your projects.

Who this MeetUp is for

Whether you are a front-end developer, back-end developer, or just curious about the latest trends in API development, this MeetUp is for you. Join us to learn from industry experts, share your experiences, and network with like-minded professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore the exciting world of GraphQL and tRPC.

Note: This Meetup is suitable for developers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Basic knowledge of RESTful APIs and web development concepts will be helpful, but not mandatory.


  • 17:00 - Welcome

  • 17:30 - GraphQL - Lourens Kaufmann

  • 18:30 - Dinner

  • 19:30 - tRPC - Niels de Bruin

  • 20:30 - Closing drinks

Location: in person at the Divotion office

This MeetUp will be hosted at our office in Nieuwegein, due to the nature and open discussion format of this session. Subscribe to this event via the button below. Rather subscribe using your MeetUp account? You can do that here.

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