MeetUp: accessibility for developers

Divotion office
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In the Netherlands there are 4.5 million people with a demonstrable disability. That is well over a quarter of the population. Yet, accessibility of websites and apps is not as great as it could be. That needs to change.

On this MeetUp on the 24th of November we will discuss this subject and zoom in on the matter of accessibility for developers. How can we, as developers, improve accessibility and make sure everyone can use our products? On this night, two experts will present their views on the subject.

Talk 1: Basics of App Accessibility - Paul van Workum

The first speaker is Paul van Workum, founder of Stichting Appt. His talk will focus on the basics of app accessibility. He will demonstrate available tools, guidelines, regulation and give tips on how to prevent common accessibility errors. Subjects he will cover include:

- Disabilities - Tools such as screen readers, voice control and more - Guidelines like EN 301 549, WCAG and the principles applicable, operable, sturdy and robust. - Legislation and regulations: European Accessibility Act (EEA), Temporary Decree on Digital Accessibility, UN Disability Convention, Equal Treatment Disability of Chronic Illness Act (Wgbh/cz). - Tips: Examples and solutions for common accessibility errors

Read about the stichting: and stay tuned for more information.

Talk 2: Beyond responsive design: new and future media queries - Kilian Valkhof

The second speaker of the night is Kilian Valkhof. Kilian is a front-end developer, user-experience designer and generalist. This talk will explore the future of responsive design through media queries. Responsive design turned 10 years old last year. Since then browser capabilities have changed a lot, and they’re set to change even more. Kilian will explore new and upcoming media queries that will let website authors make websites that respond not just to screen sizes, but to many different user preferences and situations. You will learn how to implement these in forward compatible ways with practical tips and examples.


17:00 - 18:00 Walk in and dinner

18:00 - 18:10 Welcome

18:10 - 19:00 Talk 1 - Paul van Workum + Q&A

19:00 - 19:15 Break

19:15 - 20:15 Talk 2 - Kilian Valkhof + Q&A

20:15 - Drinks & networking

Location: in person at the Divotion office This MeetUp will be hosted at our office in Nieuwegein: Coltbaan 4D, 3439NG.

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