Interne MeetUp Conflux met Rick Pastoor


Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of welcoming Rick Pastoor to our office. He shared his impressive approach on planning and getting your work done. Or as he calls it "The art of working smart". The main takeaway: be the guard dog of your calendar as you're the only one protecting it. And, equally important, schedule some time each week to actually plan and review your work. This session is a great example of the soft skills we all need in our working lives, which is why we pay them special attention in our Vantage Program. Thank you again Rick for your time, and we look forward to becoming smart workers! Also a thank you to our Conflux partners: DivotionJDrivenJCoreENQORE - Test Automation SpecialistBigData RepublicCohesionScyon, and Infuze Consulting for participating with us.