Now available: tech radar 2024 volume 1

by Sannah — 2 minutes

What are the recent developments in our field?

Two times a year our engineers gather to discuss the latest emerging trends and developments in software engineering. We seek to capture these trends in a technology radar. Each edition of the radar shows how these trends change, compared to the previous edition. A shift can indicate that we see a technology becoming more, or less, relevant for certain use cases. 

These three major developments are worth mentioning:

1. AI Code Assist → Adopt

Starting to use AI Code Assist tools can really change the way you work, offering many benefits. These tools are easy to blend into your usual coding setup and can help with organizing your code better and writing documentation, which is helpful for both beginners and expert coders. One important thing to keep in mind with vendor-based APIs is that they might use your data to help improve their future AI models. This is something to think about if you’re concerned about how your data is used. In essence, adopting AI Code Assist tools is a smart idea.

2. Angular’s renaissance → Adopt

Angular has recently released version 17 of the web framework, calling it their "renaissance". With this release comes a lot of improvements and modernizations: SSR/SSG and a new control flow for templates, on top of the earlier released standalone components, signals and the inject function. Angular is calling this a renaissance, and we agree. The new features are a breath of fresh air and make Angular feel like a modern framework again.

3. Bun →  Assess

Bun is an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps. At its core is the Bun runtime, a fast JavaScript runtime designed as a drop-in replacement for Node.js. It dramatically reduces startup times and memory usage. Bun has great potential because it’s super fast. Version 1 of Bun has just been released, and that’s why we advise against using it in production at this time. You can assess it in side projects or development scripts if you’re interested in experimenting with new tooling.

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